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 XJT MEC Mission

To protect and advance the careers of all ExpressJet pilots through responsible collective bargaining, effective communications, and unified actions; to promote safety, security, contract enforcement, and other union efforts utilizing a robust MEC committee structure.



The elected Local Executive Council (LEC) members serve on the Master Executive Council (MEC), which sets policy and serves as the safeguard to protect the entire ExpressJet pilot population. There are nine LEC members on the ExpressJet ALPA MEC. These members elect MEC officers to administer policy when the MEC is not in session. The MEC chairman also serves on the ALPA Executive Board, which directs ALPA policy.

The work of the pilot group cannot be done alone. The MEC also established committees to assist pilots with scheduling, safety, security, contract enforcement, benefits, and other issues. Pilot volunteers work with ALPA’s professional staff to best represent the pilot group; many are recognized as subject matter experts in their fields and also serve as committee members on the National level.


 ALPA Mission

This mission of the Airline Pilot Association (ALPA) is to promote and champion all aspects of aviation safety throughout all segments of the aviation community; to represent, in both specific and general respects, the collective interests of all pilots in commercial aviation; to assist in collective bargaining activities on behalf of all pilots represented by the Association; to promote the health and welfare of the members of the Association before all governmental agencies; to be a strong, forceful advocate of the airline piloting profession, through all forms of media, and with the public at large; and to be the ultimate guardian and defender of the rights and privileges of the professional pilots who are members of the Association.

—ALPA Board of Directors, October 1992