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 MEC Mission Statement

To protect and advance the careers of all ExpressJet pilots through responsible collective bargaining, effective communications, and unified actions; to promote safety, security, contract enforcement, and other union efforts utilizing a robust MEC committee structure.

 2017 Seniority List Integration

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New and Improved XJT Resources App


A new and improved XJT Resources app is now available. In addition to viewing hotel information and crew comments, you can now view immportant documents, XJT ALPA communications, FAQs and more in the app itself. To download the new app, click on the appropriate link below.

XJT Resources App 

Android / Google App

iOS / Apple App

Windows 8 / Microsoft Coming Soon

For more information on the app release, including a list of new features and known iOS issues, view the 19 April 2016 Jet Link. If you have questions, comments or feedback, contact

eCalendar - XJT-ALPA Reminders


To view/bookmark:

To add to your eCalendar (iOS, Google, Microsoft): 

or input the following calendar ID: into the "other calendars" or "friend's email" box. 

Connecting to Ops.WiFi - Fix for Personal Laptops with Windows 7 or 8


Since the company’s transition to the ops.wifi internet network some months ago, a number of people have had trouble connecting with their personal laptops. While personal devices such as iPhones, Androids, iPads, and Surfaces connect fine, connecting with a laptop running Windows 7 or 8 has been impossible for some. Click Read More to see a video decribing the solution which involves manually creating a portal to ops.wifi. This solution is applicable to both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.


Leave Guide


Our Aeromedical Committee and Leave/Furlough and Military Committee collaborated to create a helpful reference guide discussing the various types of leave.  Click Read More to open that file now.  


ExpressJet Pilots Moving Benefits Guide


The Contract Enforcement Committee has created an ExpressJet Moving Benefits Guide.  To download this document, please go to the Contract Enforcement Committee page or click Read More to go there now.


 ALPA Emergency Relief Fund



 ALPA Pilot Code of Ethics