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 MEC Mission Statement

To protect and advance the careers of all ExpressJet pilots through responsible collective bargaining, effective communications, and unified actions; to promote safety, security, contract enforcement, and other union efforts utilizing a robust MEC committee structure.

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XJT ALPA / Negotiating Committee's ExpressJet Survey 2015


Please take the XJT-ALPA / Negotiating Committee's ExpressJet Survey 2015 to let your voice be heard for JCBA negotiations. Click the link below and write our Negotiating Committee with any questions or comments. 

ExpressJet Survey 2015

eCalendar - XJT-ALPA Reminders


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Updated List of XJT-ALPA and Company Contacts Available


The FAR 117 email loop ( is now closed.  For any FAR 117 help or questions, please contact our Scheduling Committee (XJTScheduling) or Contract Enforcement Committee (XJTCompliance). 

An updated list of XJT-ALPA Contacts (Reps and Committees) and Company Contacts is available on our Contract & Docs > Other page. Click Read More to go to that page now. 


XJT MEC Chairman Message, 24 November 2014

Click read more to go to the MEC Alerts & Messages page and read our XJT MEC Chairman’s Message regarding new flying for American Airlines in DFW, the amended United-XJT CPA, our excellent operational performance and pilot unity/retention.


XJT Hotels App now called XJTResources


For anyone updating their phone, please be aware that our XJT Hotels App (XJTHotels) is now called XJTResources.  The iOS version is not found in the iTunes Apple Store, but rather from the direct link below:

Download the XJTResources App

XJTResources App - Apple / iOS

XJTResources App - Android / Google

XJTResources App - Microsoft / Windows 8

New Rainmaker (Pay) Program

After five months of testing, the new Rainmaker program is ready and will become operational on December 1. While the overall format of the Rainmaker screen remains the same, the pay categories or “buckets” have changed considerably. Click read more to go to the MEC Alerts & Messages page now. Two attachments are also found there: a Q&A and a spreadsheet defining the new buckets.


SmartPref Updates


For all pilots interested in learning more about SmartPref, our Scheduling Committee page has new training videos as well as a new SmartPref User Manual (version 1.6), dated 17 November 2014.  Click read more to go to the Scheduling Committee page now.


 ALPA Emergency Relief Fund



 ALPA Pilot Code of Ethics