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XJT MEC and ALPA BOD Meeting, 16-23 October 2014


The agenda is now posted for the MEC Meeting and ALPA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting, which is taking place in FLL from 16-23 October 2014.  Go to MEC > Meetings to open the agenda or click Read More to go there now. 


List of XJT-ALPA and Company Email Addresses


XJT Pilots,

If you'd like a list of the XJT-ALPA and commonly used Company email addresses, then click here. The list contains ALPA emails for pilot representatives and committees; and Company emails for issues, rolled days off and bad day/worse day trades. 


XJT Hotels App now called XJTResources


For anyone updating their phone, please be aware that our XJT Hotels App (XJTHotels) is now called XJTResources.  The iOS version is not found in the iTunes Apple Store, but rather from the direct link below:

Download the XJTResources App

XJTResources App - Apple / iOS

XJTResources App - Android / Google

XJTResources App - Microsoft / Windows 8

Hotel Sourcing Provider Change - From: Traveliance To: Accommodations Plus International (API)


Today, the company announced that we will transition from our current hotel sourcing provider, Travelliance, to a new provider, Accommodations Plus International (API). The requirement for crewmembers to wait for the “dreaded fax” and Travelliance taking several hours to book hotels during an IROP was simply not acceptable. This change is a direct result of feedback from the pilots to the Association. ALPA volunteers and the company have met several times over the past months in order to make this transition seamless for you, and we applaud the company for recognizing the problem and taking the necessary steps to fix it.

API has the ability to book hotel rooms electronically and are able to share the information more quickly to our SkedPlus+ and CrewTrac systems.  API also has a CrewCare website where we can book leisure rates at our hotels online. Click Read More to see the full details and read the entire XJT MEC Alert dated 28 August 2014. 


Fee For Departure Committee Letter

"The regional airline industry has seen a paradigm shift in recent months. Pilots at multiple carriers have overwhelmingly said “NO” to concessions. With the shortage of qualified pilots who are willing to fly for substandard wages and inadequate benefits at fee-for-departure carriers, the time is now for true cooperation." 

Click read more to see the entire Fee For Departure Committee Letter as well as our XJT MEC Chairman's Message, both dated 16 April 2014.  


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